Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama Nomination

How do I know I'm American? Whenever I hear the "I Have a Dream" speech, whenever it's played and I hear the sincerity and hope in Dr. King's voice, I always almost cry.

I think it's hard for some people to understand this. Some people think that you have to be black in America to feel the power of the words and believe in it's meaning. Well, I'm not black. I'm just American. Actually, I think anyone in the world can connect with the message that we are all brothers and sisters regardless of our many differences. Yes, we do have differences and it's a mistake to pretend like they do not exist. Color exists but that does not make us human. Gender and sexuality exist but that does not make us human.

It's probably easier for me since wherever I go, I see all types of people who are not afraid to walk on the same sidewalk with each other. We are all different, but there is something about living in America that brings out our shared experiences and our similarities.

This country is far, far, far from perfect, but if we can elect a black man to be our most highest servant, then humanity is one step closer to getting closer. Think of it as globalization but more brotherly and more celebratory of our unique qualities, minus all the forced conformity to a single ideal.

I hope I make sense.

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