Saturday, March 01, 2008

On the Stanford Line

My iPod is getting old. Lemme explain. Usually my posts on this blog are premeditated. But I have increasingly been really lazy. (I'm not even going to check whether my adverbs were placed correctly in the previous sentence. Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma?) So I'm going to go on a nice little rant in hopes of getting inspired into writing a review about tv's Dexter.

Since I've been unemployed and only going to classes part time (Gosh, I still have no real responsibilities), I've been using my iPod alot. You know, It keeps me company while I use public transportation. Well music on my 30 gb 5th generation iPod can get old quickly. While I have been surprised by new music like Vampire Weekend, all my songs are getting old. I like to think I have an eclectic taste, but there's just so much Eisley I can handle. I need to find new music.

So I've tried joining, but it hasn't turned out as awesome as I had hoped. It's more of a social networking site that uses music to get people together. I don't know about you, but I don't really like social networking sites (I think I might not even like people?). I just wish that would just let me know what's good to listen to. I guess I could always just go rely on good ol' Pandora. At least they showed me all about We Are Scientists. By the way, I cannot frickin' wait for their upcoming album this March. It's sad though that only the Brits get it while us Yanks have to wait (Down with the Queen!). I predict WAS's new album will be for 2008 what Bloc Party's was for 2007.

Quick note: The 80's had the best music. Just pop in Grand Theft Auto Vice City and almost every station just bursts with bubbles of awesome. (K-dizzle, this is for you: "I, I just died in your arms tonight. Must've been some BIOCHEM! I should've walked away.")

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