Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Best Idol EVAR Question Mark

Let's talk about the American Idol Top 24 of 2008. I would like to talk about my current favorites for the girls. (For the guys, there's only one I really like and he's an Aussie. There's also another one, but it's too early to tell.) First off, with the exception of that one guy, the girls really have a strong bunch this year. They're all pretty much, well, pretty. That's nice, but can they sang? Most can sing and that's good enough for me.

My first favorite is Brooke White. Ever since I found out she has never seen a rated R movie, I thought 'wow, how interesting'. That in itself should not be the basis of me liking her, but there's something that gravitates me to her. It's probably because she's made of sunshine. Very pretty sunshine. However, I really like her auditions. She can sing really well, but I was not wowed by her first top 24 performance this week. She was still attractive and she sung it well enough, but it does not keep her safe from elimination. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

There's also Ramiele Malubay. I don't think I have to explain why? I'm going to anyway: she's Filipino and she's short. Why do I care that she's short? Well, I'm short and I think I've developed a complex about my height. No, actually I now I have. So it's nice to know there are decent-sized people out there. The fact that she's Filipino makes me proud, but there have been other Pinoys in AI before. It's just that Malubay is way better than any of them. I can actually root for her and not feel ashamed that I'm doing it for her ethnicity, because she can sing too. I'm just hoping that she does not get voted off before she can show her chops.

Nice tidbit: Apparantly, my neighbor's friend's son is Malubay's boyfriend. Gossip that I shouldn't be spreading? Hearsay you say? Maybe. But that sorta makes me famous. And Jealous. More jealous, though. I guess Malubay is just going to have to break his heart when I win her over with my pure awesomeness.

Make up your mind! Brooke or Ramiele! Easy. (Pikachu, I choose you!) Alaina Whitaker, I choose you, but you're only 16 so I choose Kady Malloy instead. I was pleasantly surprised by her performance her vocal ability. I thought she would be your typical good-looking-but-average singer. Turns out her performance was more than above average. Judges didn't like it one bit, but who cares. Malloy did have a killer Britney Spears impersonation, my friends. (Is there anyone else?)

And to round out the really strong (and did I mention pretty?) top 12 girls is Carly Smithson. She did some damage control by telling us that she was signed by a record label when she was younger, but they became defunct before anything good could come from it. What does she have going for her? I believe she has the strongest voice of any of the girls. Plus she's 24 years-old, which makes me happy because if there's another complex I have aside from my height, it's my age. Let's just say, Smithson and I could almost be in the same grade. Almost. Back to her performance. I thought it was strong and almost at the level of 'blowing-houses-down', but I will save those descriptions for future performances when the competition gets real hot.

What have we learned? The girls are pretty and they can sing. I'm gonna call the American Idol producers and ask if they could vote two more guys tomorrow night instead of two girls.

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