Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quick: Lost Heroes Push Daisies

Oh Em Gee.  How good is this 4th (shortened) season of Lost?!  Just finished watching the third episode when it aired tonight.  All I have to say is, I feel bad for people who have not seen Lost from beginning all the way up to now.  I don't think I've spoken much about Lost on Lips Like Asukal, but this third episode of the 4th season has pumped me up.  The first two were great, but wow, the flash forwards elevate this show to another level.

Props to Sayid's character though.  He has to be one of my favorites, and I'm glad they focused on him this episode.  Of course most of the characters in Lost are complex, but having an Iraqi of the former Republican guard deal with getting off the island (via flash backs) adds to his stern nature.  Don't Eff with Sayid.  But then you get to the cliff hanger and, not to spoil anything, but you have to wonder how evil (or Not) is the guy that Sayid works for.

Hooray for the writers coming back.  Supposedly, they're going to pop out 5 more episodes to make the total season four episodes reach a mini-season of 13 episodes.  Whatever.  It's not the 16 episodes originally plan, but hopefully the things that get cut out are just fillers.
In Heroes news, volume 3, which was supposed to be the second half of this season, will be returning this fall instead of this spring.  Surprisingly, I am not upset about it.  I'm still pretty bummed by volume 2.  I feel like they should just kill off annoying cry babies like Claire.

Pushing Daisies won't be back this Spring, but at least it's been picked up for this Fall.  I guess fans can consider this season like mini-pies that Chuck, I believe, mentioned on the show.  I don't know what's sweeter, the show, pies, or Charlotte.  The DVD set, which will be smaller than a full season, should at least come with a free pie.

Ciao for now.


arnique said...

I'm waiting for LOST to end before continuing from season 2. I just can't stand the suspense.

As for Heroes, my cousin told me Hiro gets Adam holed up in a coffin. BULLSHIT. Why do the interesting characters have to "die"? If Elle gets axed, I'm not going near another episode. Not for all the Sylars in the world.

What will keep us going in this bleak, bleak world of No TV?

blueberry said...

What will keep us going? Veronica Mars DVD sets of course.

As for Elle, while she's not VMars exactly. She does have some edge to her. I'm upset they haven't developed her character properly.

Adam isn't exactly dead. I'm sure the writers will develop some stupid way for him to come out of the ground (in the same way they punked-out of killing Sylar in the first season AND even this mini-second season)!