Monday, February 11, 2008

Writer's Guild of America, Deactivate!

Just some thoughts on the impending end of the writers strike:  okay, can we get on with our real lives?  I am 100% in support of unions, but I usually associate them with workers of the middle to working class.  I am pretty sure these writers aren't struggling.  The worst thing that can happen to them is writer's block.  It's actually a little unfair that the writers guild of america gets all this publicity when real unions like the united federation of teachers (workers who matter?) do not get as much support.  Sure I'm a little biased (as a former and future teacher), but in general, I just hope other unions will get the same support as the writers did.  That's just in case I go on strike in the future for a little more cash-- I will have the future of America's youth in my hands.  So pay up.

Go, unions!

As for the writers, well, why do I have to wait for a new Pushing Daisies?  And it's not fair that Lost's story will have to be adjusted.  Couldn't have the studios just waited for next season so that we could have a full season, instead of this 8 episode tease?  The show doesn't even have any reveals anymore.  I can't keep track of all these questions.  Though Pushing Daisies did have a nice cliffhanger, which will have to suffice.
By the way, I heard Kristen Bell will be filming a romantic comedy (ugh) soon.  I guess I'm going to have to suck it up and let the world see me watch one of "those" movies in public. (What can I say that I haven't already said about my VM obsession?  Just don't tell everyone that I'm still in the middle of season 2. ;))

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