Monday, March 31, 2008

Hots for Teacher

There's news today of three (!) teachers who allegedly had sex with their students.  This is coming from Tampa, Florida where another similar incident occurred a while ago.

As a teacher (currently unemployed) it bugs me out a little that this is going on.  The high school kid in me is thinking "Hey, why didn't I go to school in Tampa?", but the more reasonable person in me is thinking "I have to be careful when I go back to work".  I know I have my quirks and eccentricities, but I pray-- I seriously hope, that something like this isn't one of them.  Sure, when I was in school there may have been, at most, one teacher I found attractive, but it's not like I felt like acting on it.  I think every male student who has ever had a "cute" teacher has had those thoughts.  But this is ridiculous.

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