Thursday, March 06, 2008

Donkeys, Melons, Yogurt, and Mothballs.

Those words were actually said in last night's American Idol episode and were not in fact said by any of the contestants.  Leave it to the three caballeros Randy, Paula, and Simon to make a singing competition into a sitcom.  The judges were so all over the place most especially Paula.  Although I liked how Seacrest noticed how quickly things were getting out of hand and reminded the judges and the audience that the show is about the performers.

But let's review the performances of the top eight girls.  I think I've said it once and I'll say it again this season: "Can we keep all the girls on this week and retire two extra boys?"  All the girls were on top of their game and it's hard to pick one, much less two girls to kick off.  I have said my favorites before, but I'm not so sure Malubay should be safe from elimination.  She picked a lackluster song that has been played out so many times on Idol (and in this household).  It's really upsetting since she has one of the stronger voices.  Plus, it was the 80's.  Have some fun.

I would say Buh'bye Malubay, but I feel she has a strong voting block:  Asians and Short folks.  (Would you look at that?  I fit both categories.)  Someone should smack Ryan for his smack about Malubay's short legs.  I think it's cute that's she's pocket-sized or, in my case, human-sized.

Kristy Lee Cook had a strong performance for her ability.  I enjoyed it and I agree that it could be a hit in the Country genre.  Having said that, she's definitely an underpowered singer compared to the sirens this season.  She should be voted off just based on her ability, but I have a feeling her voting block (red-blooded Americans who like hot blondes) will keep her on.

If I had to bet, I think Kady Malloy will be voted off.  Do I think that's the right choice? No.  She has a strong voice despite her song choices.  Ironically, I think she displayed her powers last night, but again it was a slow song and, in a way, Simon's critique that she has no personality might be true.  She might have had better reviews from the judges if she sang an upbeat song with one or two "big money" notes.  If Kristy or Ramalamadingdong (Can Randy get her Ramamolies name right?) don't get voted off then Kady will take their place.

Who do I want off?  That's tough, but I've been tired of Amanda's voice for the last two weeks.  I definitely thought she had an enjoyable and strong performance last night, but I don't know what else she can do with her voice.  Whenever she sings, it's like I'm hearing the same damn song again.  Sorry.

On the other hand, Brooke White has been one of my other favorites since day one (no R movies, nice girl).  She's also one of the under-powered singers this year, but she did have a good interpretation of a Pat Benatar song last night.  She should stay on for a couple of more weeks until she gets boring.  Sorry too.

Ms. Mercado has a strong voice and deserves to be moved on next week.  Decent performance last night, but predictable as Simon said.  It's unfortunate that her vocals won't just sail her on through, so she definitely needs to spice it up so that the audience doesn't get bored.  She still deserves to be on American Idol.

I enjoyed Asia'h's Whitney Houston performance.  Very upbeat which matches Asia'h's bubbly cheerleader personality.  I'm just surprised I enjoyed something a cheerleader did (I'm looking at you Hayden P.).  Hopefully, she'll be on next week.  She might be in danger because I don't know where her votes come from (cheerleader fans?)

Last but not least (again?), the Irish gal herself, Ms. Carly Smithson.  I'll keep it short and to the point:  Knocked it out of the park.  I would pay see her in concert instead of downloading her stuff illegally.  It's just too bad that all the girls in the world and their moms and their gay friends have already decided that David Archuletta is the American Idol.

I'm not hating. ;)

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