Friday, August 24, 2007

Quick Thought

In an effort to put more content or ANY content on this blog, I'm going to start putting quick posts once in a while to capture the moment. I have to come up with a name for these quick posts, but "Quick Thought" will suffice for now (I'll accept any recommendations).

For my first QT, it's going to be really quick and irrelevant, but for some reason, my punctuation does not show up on my posts. Sure I have horrible punctuation in general, but not double spacing after periods is not one of them. It just does not show up!

Also, I really should add some widgets to this blog. I think the best thing about this blog, besides the posts (hehe) is the title. I'm so proud that I came up with this title. I'm going to have to ask Sutiben to hook this motha' up. Plus if I get a mac or whatnot, I want to go all the way and make things look purty as he says.

End Thought.

Note-To-Self: Talk about my Wii in the next real post.

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Su Ti Ben said...

If a post is short, it's a given it's a "quick thought" IMO. It would be better just to name it by the topic that your quick thought will cover on that particular post. Or you can do something like this format:
QT - Main issue covered on this QT

I think writing quick posts are good for starting out. As long as you write something; that's the important thing. But don't feel compelled to write long articles otherwise you'll feel like this is a job. Basically whatever your mood is on that day. Some days you may want to write alot, other times not much . You're the boss here and u set the rules. Just have a good time with it. I'll be eager to read your stuff regardless

I'd be more than happy to design your site. I take care of my own. If you have any ideas of what it should look like, email me a drawn pic of it. Even if it's a sketch.