Friday, August 24, 2007

It Tastes Like Pie and It's Good

First off let me start off by saying that many of the shows I'm into get canceled. I don't know what it is, but I just have that magic touch. And it's not because they're bad shows-- they're usually critical darlings but are never given the chance to develop an audience (except for The Black Donnellys which I don't think anyone thought was a good show except for me. It must've been the whole scenario of brothers sticking together that got me. Plus it's the Irish!)

Well I just finished watching the pre-air pilot for Pushing Daisies (ABC, Wednesdays). I acquired the pilot through the interweb, and it was well worth it. I heard good things about the pilot so I just had to see for myself (I tend to follow fads and I heard there was an underground support for this upcoming show-- well maybe not so underground).

Premise: A guy can bring things back to life with one touch and kill them with another. Do I need to say more? Well it's a comedy/drama or a dramedy, and the scenario just lends itself to great situations. It's also shot in fairy tale style with voice overs narrating the story playfully. Imagine an old grandpa character reading you a bedtime story when you're 9 years old. Very sweet and comfy! The show looks like a Tim Burton movie like Edward Scissor-hands or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Combine Story-book telling storytelling with the aesthetics of a Tim Burton movie and you've got the second best reason to watch ABC this fall (Lost is on for midseason, and Ugly Betty gets a close third/second?). I couldn't stop watching and I really like the characters. I even laughed out loud from a show that's not solely a comedy.

Another reason I like this show so far is the lead character. The protagonist has a fear of opening up to other people (understandbly because of his touching power) and he has pined and dreamed of his childhood crush all his life. I think I can relate. Just watch the pilot to see what happens.

If anything else, you owe it to yourself to check out the first episode this October 3rd and decide for yourself. It's sweet (I literally can taste it and it tastes like strawberry-bananas and it's guuud.



Su Ti Ben said...

Do the opposite. Say you hate the show outloud and maybe you'll trick the cosmos so that the show survives and possibly become a huge success. Worth a try. I'll try to watch the show. I don't watch too much tv as before but we'll see

blueberry said...

Well, you do have until OCTOBER 3 to decide if you want to see it. Plus don't you think it'll feel good if you watch it and it's really good and you can tell everyone you know that you saw it first. It'll be like you starting a trend, you trendsetter you.

Honestly, if there was one show that probably won't get cancelled, it's this one. There's just so much support for this already (or so I've heard). But then again, so did Arrested Development.

What shows are you into right now? Still Stargating around?

Su Ti Ben said...

What's that? DECEMBER 5th? hehe. Trendsetter? Pfft ... nobody follows me. I'll check it out though. There are just many shows like lost, heroes, the office, housewives, etc. And I hear they are great but I sort of want to get away from too much tv. I am already obsessed with Stargate and I fear of getting caught up in another show that will capture my attention. That's just me though. That's not to say I don't watch tv but it's only just casually browsing which means I can let it go because I have nothing in mind I have to watch.

On that note, Stargate SG-1 finally ended. No mas! And what's worse is I haven't watched the last season. I just started. I really hate this modem connection.

So sad ... on the plus side, still have Stargate Atlantis haha. Another ten years here we go

arnique said...

I find "Pushing Daisies" to be more "Big Fish" than "Nightmare Before Christmas" though, but I LOVED it anyway. It also bears a striking resemblance to the French film Amelie.

I always worry with shows like PD. Sometimes what I love (and I suppose you guys love) is not everyone else's cuppa tea. :( "Dead Like Me" and "Arrested Development" (Fxck I miss Job) and "Veronica Mars"? They are great fantastic shows. They are also dead shows.

Sigh. I'm sorry, I'm just so hungry for proof that "Pushing Daisies" will live that I ended up whinging on your blog. Sorry sorry.

Su Ti Ben said...

yeah i find that like 90% of people are not into what I like. I try to push people to check them out but they don't usually bite. i may be a little aggressive i guess.

well since it seems there really is a following, i WILL check it out