Saturday, April 14, 2007

NBC blows.

I'll make this short, but not so sweet. I watch a fair amount of television. In just the same way the sitcom is dying, the great dramas are dying too. Rather, they're being prematurely killed off and replaced by unfunny reality tv bullshit.

I'm speaking specifically of the tragic cancellation of The Black Donnellys on NBC (By the way, go download it on that stupid network's website or iTunes).

It had amazing characters that I really got attached to. It's a show about family and responsibility. There is no good or bad, but a grey area of morality in the show. The main character struggles to remain law-abiding but he has to support his brothers at the same time. On top of that, he has a childhood love that he can't be with because of the shady things that he's involved with. You really root for him. I root for him and I've always thought there was a clear cut good guy that you could root for in shows: he's not clear cut good because of his actions, but he has good intentions.

Bottom line, in just the same way Arrested Development was cancelled and bummed me out, the cancellation of The Black Donnellys bums me. It bums me out a little more because I thought NBC had some sort of class compared to Fox who gave Pam Anderson her own show and still has War at Home on the air.

If it weren't for Heroes . . .

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