Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rachel Lampa equals Freakin' Awesome

I knew something good was going to come out of the 2008 Republican National Convention. That good thing is a girl and her name is Rachel Lampa. Did you see her performance on Tuesday night? She is gorgeous and can "sang" (You go, girl!).

My views have vacillated like everything else in my life, but what hasn't changed is my taste for hot gals. I was literally watching the RNC. So I wasn't watching anything political, but Lampa caught my attention. She was all cool with her nose ring and tan self. Plus she has a great voice (It was live, people!). My opinion of Rachel didn't even change when CNN flashed on the screen that she's a popular Christian artist. She sings about God, so what. That means she's probably a nice girl you can take home to meet your mom.

Immediately after her two songs, I raced to the computer to google her. I was wondering while I typed how she could be so pretty and be my age (You see, long story, but I've been feeling old mostly because I've been seeing all these "youngin's" who are so cute, ahem, Chelsie H.) Can you believe there are people my age? It turns out she's frickin' half Pinay (Okay, I have to represent this once!). And she has some Irish in her. I haven't listed all the things that's good about her, but she might make a run for dream girl if you ask me. Freakin' Awesome if you ask me.

Now, I won't google any more of her. I'll probably just download some songs, but damn do I really want to have a video of her performance in the RNC. I almost want to vote Republican.

Either that or I just really want some Lampa. Or lumpya.

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