Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Action Than Heroes

"I need to tell you something, Blaire. I have a British accent."

Fucking Hilarious. The season premiere of the second season of Gossip Girl had it all. More importantly, out of everything else about this show, it's extremely over-the-top. Half-way through this episode I thought I was watching a sluttied-up version of Pushing Daisies. If Daisies met some science fiction like Star wars.

Why? Well, all this bullshit that's going on between Blaire and Chuck. First of all, make up your fucking minds, you two. Chuck, you left Blaire and now you're surprised she's found someone else. Then you are near tears when it appeared that Blaire-bitch gave her pin to that fake Brit (My money is on him being actually from Staten Island and is actually a rapist). As for Blaire, what is the deal with you still liking Chuck? Do you really need him to say those three little words. Can I say those words? Will that make it okay? Seriously? You became a couple by boning in a limo.

Gossip Girl felt really science-fictiony in the scene where Chuck chases Blaire as she is about to talk to that Brit dude. Then Chuck says that she is manipulative just like he is, that they are meant to be together because they are the same. Then Blaire backs off and is all like, "I can't because I don't want to be like you". Que her running away.

That was actually awesome. It's like Chuck (the dark side) is showing Blaire (secretly the dark side) her true colors and she won't accept it. Awesome.

What else happened? Well you have statutory rape between Nate and this married woman. I guess Nate has all the fun, huh? By the way, how forced did the opening scene seem when Chuck had to be suave with the triplets ("I'm going to sleep with you. You. And . . . you." One of the weaker lines of the episode).

Also, Dan is a player now. Good for him. Except I would've liked it if he had learned to be a player back when he was too busy pining for Serena at the beginning of the series. Now he just comes off as cocky ("Hey, I had the girl of my dreams. Now I just want to have fun because I can").

A resounding finally (sa wakas!) that there's an Asian chick on Gossip Girl that's not nerdy or a sheep following the herd. It was just a walk-on roll, but she played a cute, strong girl very well. Kudos to the show and here's hoping for more Yellow fever. I think I know that girl, though.

Eric's role in the episode seemed force too. Especially that frickin' brunch in the beginning. Who was hosting? Why was Chuck, Blaire, that Brit, Eric, and Serena's grandma having brunch together? Actually, Why was Chuck invited?

I'm getting nitpicky. It's still a great episode. One of the better ones. It's only going to get better. I'm especially excited for Jenny and Eric becoming friends again. Jenny's back on the good side (Did you see how she chose to stay with that designer woman, even though she had the chance to stab her back?). But, I'm hoping against all hopes for Jenny and Eric to become a couple (Gay reversal).

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