Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And Then The Hiro Should Die. Please.

So last Monday (November 26) on Heroes, we are left with Hiro and Peter in a showdown. I can't help but compare this with the showdown that should have been in the season one finale: Sylar versus Peter. I am hoping against all hopes that this showdown makes up for even a fraction of what the past showdown should have been. I don't want to see Hiro charge Peter and end up being teleported to some other stupid-ass by-gone era (I am never going to forgive Heroes for that Feudal Japan era that Hiro was "stuck" in).

I hope the fight lasts up until the next commercial break and I've choreographed what should go down because I still stand by my theory that the reason why there was no showdown on the finale was that Heroes does not have a choreographer. I'm almost positive the actors were given an outline of what the fights should be like and therefore there were no fights. These people are actors not stunt ninjas.

Here's how it the showdown should go down (hehe). As we see Hiro charge maniacally towards Peter, Peter shoots a lightning bolt towards Hiro, but Hiro teleports instantly to dodge it. Then he immediately reappers right behind Peter. Peter, in slow motion, realizes this and "relearns" how to teleport so he teleports just as Hiro is swinging down with his blade. This leads the two to do a semi-teleporting, speed-fighting battle a la dragon-ball z or any other anime. One guy swings with a blade and the other mainly uses lighting bolts.

Just to satisfy the fans, Peter should throw in a mixture of other powers like flying and regeneration. Basically, Peter should look like what he should have looked like when fighting Sylar: balls-to-the-wall ballistic (by the way, he would have totally kicked Sylar's ass).

As the two are getting into it, they will of course be having a conversation. I would like it to "end" with Hiro getting stabbed semi-fatally (Oh, no! Is Hiro dead? God, I hope so. He deserves it for being a giant douche in ancient Japan. Have I told you how much I hated that story line?). But the conversation Peter and Hiro had should open Peter's eyes to Adam's intentions and since Hiro got stabbed/killed/victoried the frozen time should resume and Adam and Peter come face to face.

Anyway, I couldn't care less what happens next because all the writers are on strike, but I think the Heroes writers should be stricken from their duties because this Season has been horrible (What was the point of Maya's brother and how blind can she be. They also wasted Veronica Mar's* talents!)

*Yes, I know she's Kristen Bell. But I have to represent for the VM fans out there.


arnique said...

No way, Sylar would totally woop Peter's ass. He has more control over his stolen powers than Peter who might just be the biggest wimp TV has to offer.

And yes, Kristen Bell's character was such a disappointment. I want Elle, Adam, and Sylar to form an evil conglomerate and wreck havoc on the lives of ALL!

But first Maya must die. What's the point of her oil tear anyway?

blueberry said...

My brothers and I have been pondering your question about Maya since she was first introduced. We decided that Sylar has to die eventually (c'mon he should've been a gonner after the finale after a REAL showdown). And since Sylar has to die somehow and not by Peter's alleged wimpiness, we think Maya's power, not necessarily Maya, will kill Sylar. I can picture maybe Peter using that power to finally kill Sylar. . . and then of course, he'll do a combination of electrifying and using all his powers to finish Sylar off.

How do you like Pushing Daisies so far?

arnique said...

I hated last season's finale! It was such a LAME anti-climax, but I still think Sylar should die in an epic battle, but not until he does some major world-domination bent work. I still think Sylar has enough powers to kill Peter, but alas! That is not the way stories go. Good must defeat evil and all that.

Good theory on Maya. I just wish the writers could have worked in that solution in a less annoying fashion. I just get so frustrated at how thin plotlines and characters have been this season!

Pushing Daisies quite good, though not as wonderful as the pilot. I liked the Halloween episode though!

blueberry said...

I keep telling people that the pilot for Pushing Daisies could have been a movie-- it's that good. The rest of the season has been really good (though of course not as good as the pilot). The dialog is very witty. Reminds me of a Gilmore Girls, but that us dudes can watch (PD is a fairy tale for adults).

I'm just glad this mini-season is almost over for Heroes. Thank God for the writer's strike. I hope they really start over for next Spring.

Makes me wish Lost was on right now.