Friday, May 05, 2006

First Reaction: Damn. Second: Daayum!!!

First of all, sorry for not keeping up to date, but I promise you that this post will be a good one-- or a really shiny turd.

<---- glow? check! smile?double check! Me? missing!
Have you seen her new video for her upcoming album? Daayum!!! I'll give you a hint: she's really popular with the Desi peeps (I guess because she sorta looks like them?). Give up? It's Nelly Furtado. Don't tell me you've forgotten? Have I not spoken about her on Lips Like Asukal, a blog about cool things and fine ladies? Anyway, man is she glowing. It's probably her hair, because I'm so used to seeing it tied up short or whatever the term. But it's working. It's also probably because it's not loose and straight, but a little curly. (I dunno, this sounds pretty gay that I'm talking about Nelly Furtado's hair.) I was way into her before I started noticing her looks. You wouldn't think she is a mother with her figure. Check her new "Promiscuous Girl" video for some proof!

She's sexin' it up a little, err, a lot. Initially, I was shocked and I felt like she sold out, especially since her music is starting to become more hip-hoppy. Couldn't she have chosen one over the other: either sell your body or your hippity hoppy music? I was starting to miss her
I'm-like-a-bird-ethnic-Portuguese-dancy-soulful-sultry-but-not-slutty music. But then, I backed up a little. She's always made music that had a little bounce. This is a different bounce than the type found in regular ol' pop/hip-hop music: it's not forceful. On many of Nelly Furtado's tracks that have bounce, you want to dance because her voice makes you move, not necessarilly because of the beat. Plus you have to listen to all her songs to see that she's not a one-trick pony (inside joke!!!). I like the songs that tell a sad story, again, because she's so expressive with her voice.
<---You really need to check out the "Maneater" video
In regards to her becoming more sexy, she's always been sexy but to varying degrees. It's just that now she can flaunt it, because she's a mother who looks friggin' awesome. Wait, she looks awesome period. Do I wish she'd tone it down a little more? Yes, only because she'd just gain more fans for the wrong reasons: her looks. I'd have to explain to people, who think I like Nelly Furtado because of her looks, that it was her music first. Her music makes her more attractive.

But dammit if she doesn't look drop-dead amazing. Second proof!!! Check out her international video for "Maneater". Towards the end she's just wearing a wife-beater and she pulls it up to display her stomach. I've never noticed a girl's abdominal region before, but for some reason this did something to me. Oh yeah, the track is good too. Duh, because it's all about the music ;o)
Fine, Ms. Furtado, I get the point: you look awesome. Now flash me some new music! AND NO MORE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE COLLABO'S PLEASE!!!

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