Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Top Two things in the World Right Now

Youtube is an amazing thing. You can find a butt-load of crap about anything in it. So, I was doing some video surfing (or what I like to call- vurfing) and I was watching some anime music videos. By chance, I saw plenty of Kingdom Hearts videos (it's videogame if you didn't know) and I realized that the sequel was coming out soon. Then I remembered how I like the theme song of the original, though I did not play the game. The commericials for the game were running all the time back in 2002 (I think), and like many commericals, the music got stuck in my head. Except this song was stuck in my head, which made me think of some cute girl. This was understandable: duh, I think about girls, but that's just the safe reason.

So, while singing this friggin song all the time ("When you walk away/ You don't hear me say...") I googled the song and found out it was sung by a Japanese girl named Utada Hikaru. Back then I just thought that she was just this cute girl who sang video game songs. But through youtube, I found out I actually enjoy many of her songs not attached to a videogame. Sure, it may be considered cheesy J-pop stuff, but hey, it maketh me shaketh down to my boneths, so it gets a thumbs up in my book. Utada Hikaru actually breaks the misconception that Asian singers can't sing well. Her voice may not be a Kelly Clarkson or Mariah Carey, but it's still strong and has a uniqueness to it that isn't found here in the US.

She's stuck in my head, and something here is borderlining Nelly Furtado obsession. Did I mention I'm still obsessed with Furtado?

Second TOP thing in the world right now is Taylor Hicks of American Idol 5. Refreshing change of pace from your Fantasia's and Carrie's. This is the first season of AI that I'm actually watching even after the funny mass-hilarity audition phase.

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Su Ti Ben said...

if only i had my high speed connection, i would be all over youtube.

as to nelly furtado ... here is to further your obsession